The Reflector Lobbyist

The Reflector from the ocean is the pedestrian safety reflector selfclamed global lobbyist.



 1. someone who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators 
Prepare to be influenced


Reflectors from the ocean want to spread awareness and knowledge about the pedestrian safety reflector globally

We want to be an instigator for the goverments, entrepreneurs, the industry, the road safety organisations, investors, filantropes and the legislators to promote road safe behavior

We want to contribute to develop teaching aids to educate people globally that promotes road safe behavior

We want safer roads and clean oceans

We want to contribute to safe driving for motorcyclist and contribute to reducing number of people killed and seriously injured in traffic according to international goals for road safety and sustainability

Independence, neutrality and value

Reflectors from the ocean is a impartial, political and religious neutral road safety initiative and instigator for road safe behavior.

The initiativ is founded on the idea that all human beings are unique and irreplaceable. We can not accept that a large number og human beings are killed or seriously wounded in traffic each year. 

Reflectors from the ocean is a non-profit road safety initiative


Reflectors from the ocean will always promote the most effectiv, environmentall pedestrian safety reflector suitable for global distirbution in large scale. 

Our goal is to show that is possible to make a pedestrian safety reflector from waste plastic from the ocean.

Reflectors from the ocean will talk forward the use of any known pedestrian safety reflector used by road user as we strongly believe that safety for the road user is sustainibility in its purest form.

Reflectors from the ocean wants to approach the road safety challenges of the world in a sustainable matter. The climate challenges and the enourmous plastic pollution in the ocean on land forces us to implement a strong focus on these challenges developing sustainable road safety measures.

International goals for road safety and sustainability:

The UN has declared 2021-2030 to be “A Decade of Action for Road Safety.” The aim is to reduce the number of people killed and injured in traffic worldwide by 50 per cent. This is also anchored in the UN’s sustainability goals. The work to achieve the UN’s sustainability goals is extensive and involves many actors. 

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